Lindsay is a veteran Canadian news anchor still very passionate about good journalism and creative story-telling. She has hosted several television news programs across Canada for major networks including CTV, Global News and CBC. She’s no longer on the anchor desk full time, but you can find her frequently on CBC Edmonton where she backfills the regular television anchors. She says “it was time to diversify,” with the changing and uncertain landscape of broadcast news. She partnered with a long time colleague and close friend, Deja Springfield, to create Smokeshow Pictures. She believes Cliff 20 will be the first of many films of many topics to come. She wants her work to provoke thought, encourage difficult conversations to ultimately change perspective and open minds. Lindsay currently lives in St. Albert with her two sons, Mason and Magnus.

Raconteur. Provocateur. Pas un docteur. Not afraid to Google “words that end in ‘-eur’”.

As a natural storyteller, Deja got into “the biz” (people in “the biz” like to refer to it as “the biz”) at a young age, almost by accident. As he worked his way up through the ranks of the industry, he discovered both a passion and an affinity for visual effects, motion graphics and editing – visual storytelling. Though he has a creative eye, a unique vision, and a keen technical expertise, his, frankly, terrible sense of humor often leaves his colleagues sighing deeply and wondering aloud why they keep working with this guy.

While he’s won several ACE and AMPIA Awards over the years for writing, motion graphics and visual effects, Cliff 20 marks Deja’s directorial debut. Good for him!